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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Forgotten Elements

As we need to maximize our instructional time, we need to look within our instructional lessons and design them for greater efficiency.  This efficiency can be captured through our attention to teaching the objective, building in frequent opportunities for checking for understanding and strategic monitoring as students are working.

Teaching the Objective:  Post the objective.  Have students read the objective chorally, and underline the key words and review the vocabulary in the objective to make sure students understand what they will be learning.  Refrain from writing the state standard as they often are too general.

Checking for Understanding:  There are numerous approaches that are used in classrooms.  A simple thumbs up and thumbs down.  Responding chorally or responding through hold up white boards or electronically all provide the feedback teachers need to judge the level of understanding with students.

Strategic Monitoring:  Anita Archer, International Consultant, is a real pro with strategic monitoring.  She explains her approach simply through:  Walk around, Look around, Talk around.  Refer to the checklist below.

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