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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Eighty Percent Rule

Teachers can expect and get high quality work from all students if they teach systematically, break learning down into understandable steps, and establish high standards with multiple ways for meeting those standards.  One way to obtain that is to establish a routine and a rule.  I have found the Eighty Percent Rule to be very effective.  Simply, say that work on key assignments or on all assignments will only be accepted at a minimum of eighty percent.  Students are given up to three opportunities to increase the quality of their work to that level.  This is an effective rule for those students who rush through their assignments just to finish and for those students who just need more time to practice and update. 

Yes, the Eighty Percent Rule does take additional time.  But it also gives more students an opportunity to achieve at a higher standard.  Once the students realize that poor quality work will not be accepted, they will increase the quality of their work. 

What rules, routines or tips do you have for expecting and getting high quality work from students?

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