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Monday, June 20, 2011

Active Monitoring

Dr. Anita Archer is a pro with active monitoring.  She makes sure that every student is engaged at all times.  How does she do it?  Besides teaching very systematically and checking for understanding frequently, she takes learning walks among her students as they are working.  Now, these walks aren't passive strolls past students.  Dr. Archer stops, listens, questions, and takes notes.  When she resumes instruction, she begins by reviewing what she has learned from her walk.  Using a document projector, acknowledges the contribution of students by writing their name and listing what she observed.  Exampe:  "I found it very interesting when Beth said that Charlotte was always looking out for Wilber.  Why do you think Beth made that comment?"

Check-out Anita's website on Explicit Instruction.  She has video clips demonstrating this technique and more!  http://explicitinstruction.org/

High Powered Engaged Learning!

Talk about engaged learning in the classroom!  Wow!  Dr. Biffel has combined brain based learning techniques (multi-sensory input and output, short and quick pace, repetition, peer assisted learning) with a systematic way of integrating those techniques into instruction.  This video clip demonstrates that this technique works with college students.  There are many other samples of all levels of school age students on YouTube. Search engaged learning, brain based learning, classroom management